Para reflexionar

Marlena Chertock, escribió esto hace ya seis años para un programa de radio de la clase de Broadcasting de Sherwood High School. Desde entonces y para reflexionar, me la pongo de vez en cuando. Aquí está la letra de una pieza que puede ayudar a la inspiración.


Turn out the lights to see through your skin, like the rush of the river.

Pay close attention when lies are present and deception near.

They say you can’t do it, be the one to stand up and believe you can.

Everyone thinks that´s too hard to be done,

you should gather your strength together

and tell yourself it will be done.

They notice that the door is too small, the tree grinch is too high,

the river is too wide, the heart is too distant to touch;

but you should know that there are always

ways around, through, across, over or under.

There is always a solution, hiding

in the crack under the floor board

where soft grass started to grow.

Everyone wails and complains, and puts up the fight.

You should be the one going through safely, painlessly.

The mirror is cloudy they say,

well then clean it.


We need the adventure,

the struggle to learn the lesson.

It is true, there are troubling things in life,

hard places that seem impossible to get out of,

countless obstacles that only get in the away.

The world is trying to tell us that it will all be OK.

So we end up with a couple of down falls,

a few failures, maybe a stop toward too.

In the end life will teach how we should act and do;

and to keep a persistent love for the world no matter what we go through.


We must stay positive and optimistic in our out look,

realise that is always something worst,

always someone in a tougher spot,

always something more difficult.

Well, life may not always be easy,

it hopes to know that we are still better off than a few.


If life was just a breeze, we will not appreciate it.

If the world was an easy place to live in, we will not learn at all.

If there were no obstacles put in our paths, we will all lack wisdom and strength;

because our weaknesses are truly our strength,

and getting over them, we grow stronger.


We need the struggle to learn the lesson,

we need the pain to gain the strength,

we need the hard shapes to obtain the appreciation.


We are always wandering how to fill the space,

but what if it’s suppose to be there?

What if that longing is there to teach us to love?

What if that space in the book shelf is there on purpose,

to catch your eye and make you look at it?

What if we never have empty minds just hiding thoughts?


We always want to hold someone’s hand,

feel complete,

but what if the time away make us missing admirer that together means more?

We always say the cup is not fill to the top,

but what if we look what´s inside, not what´s lacking?


Hope it helped! 🙂




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