Back to work…let 2011 start.

Open your learning diary. A white page to write on, all for you. Challenging the capacity of your mind. How are you gonna fill it? Is it gonna be worth it? Or after going all the way down through the lines you are not gonna like it and you’re gona cut it off and start over?

Stick the date on the up right corner: 13/1/10.

After the double look you realise, you just made it again. You went back to the old habit. With a smile on you face you go back to the date: 13/1/11, the new year has already been going on for 13 days and you still wrote it incorrectly. Another smile, maybe remembering the moments 2010 has left in you. All those memories go on while you let them till the moment you go back to reallity, 2011.

This year opens up white, full of opportunities, exactly like the page you have below.

For taZEBAez, this week has been the writing of the title. Going back to work, getting the rithm back, the first training session, realizing what’s gonna happen, realizing that when this summer we go on for summer break, half of our college life would have been gone. But far from being afraid, we face the challenge with a huge amount of determination and illusion; a bubbly attitud that will fight against all the struggles in the way.



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