Experience in Dutch

¿Qué pasa por tu cabeza cuando vez un avión en el cielo?

Mirando hoy al medio día al inusualmente despejado cielo de Haarlem (Holanda) me preguntaba mientras comía qué esconden esas máquinas volantes que pesan cientos de toneladas. Todas las historias que van dentro de cada avión que pasa por encima de nuestras cabezas. Cómo esconden ilusiones, sorpresas, historias que contar; cómo al mirar hacia arriba y ver la estela blanca contra el cielo azul, cada persona experimenta  una emoción; cómo no dejan indiferente a nadie.


“Team Academy is not only a school, is not only related by the name. Team Academy is a network that crosses country boarders in order to encrease the value for the people that are involve in it. We are there for each other; and as you see it’s not only a say, it’s a fact, I’m here.” That’s the sentence I finish my Team Academy International part in every workshop in each school in Haarlem. I have already worked this presentation in five different classes over the last three days and the results keeps surprising me over and over again. Now I can feel myself how difficult was the role of our finnish colleagues last year on the Ametsen Ekaitza workshops. I get to experiment the funny feeling of you knowing that the person presenting is talking about you but still you don’t know what is going on. But it is also a great position for learning great things and get details that people who understand the language just don’t get.

I may not exactly know what the presentaions are about, I may not exactly know what my teammates are saying in every moment; but I can get the emotion they are causing in the students. I get their facial expresions so much better because I pay twices the attention to those little details. It is amazing how clear can everything be even if you don’t quite understand all the words. We just need to be able to step back, pay atention and see all the other markers that will tell us how good we are doing.


While my stay goes on I get to see diffenrences and similarities in both work and cultural behavior. There are so many things to learn about so many stuff that we should be warned of when we leave our countries to get somewhere else. Then i keep going and ask myself again, or maybe is just so much more exciting to keep finding them yourself when you get there… Right?

Example: how are you suppose to know that when you walk around Amsterdam, you can just get hit by a bike if you don’t pay enough attention? Of course, you get the rider yelling at you but it’s not like you are gonna understand anything he is saying.


We call it “Learning by Doing” and believe it or not it works amazingly. It’s a way of learning that everyone experiences through life (speaking, walking…), but for some reason we keep it away from school ad university classes. Quite contradicting isn’t it?

For me it’s clear, if you walk through Amsterdam, watch out for bikes!



Una respuesta a “Experience in Dutch

  1. Yeih ANA!! !

    I have said many times that the way we learn things is not only to study for some Uni degree..Our network and our way of doing things to teach us to learn and see the world more broadly and from different perspectives, all our areas of life! :]

    So keep up the good work there and we will see in few days! ❤


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