Step 1; Airport

It’s never easy to take new paths. Normally this kind of decisions are taken when a specific sort of situation comes along in which the travelers (or the people in the problem) don’t see another exit but start up the new travel.

It is a curious word “Entrepreneurship”. Entrepreneur, entrepreneurial… everything in order to mean a quite complicated action: look at the problems face to face, bravely, with hope and strength. Knowing you will make it through.

Our team is now facing a similar situation. The situation of our country is not too great; it’s not to die for. The unemployment, the crisis, the failure in schools,  the inflation… But, facing any adversity to come, thirteen brave and optimist students (plus a girl from Finland that just got here), consider that it is time for someone to do something, and started up a one way trip, no back ups. A trip with which we hope to find answers, ideas and most of all inspiration in order to embrace and build our community as the in a big motor in social-economical change leader. April the 1st San Francisco will be waiting for us.

It is not by chance that we have chosen this city from California. Over the years, starting when HP the company was first born in a garage, going through apple, and all the way to google  or Facebook there has been a technological revolution starting up and going on around the old Stanford University. All of this in the city of Silicon Valley.

According to Wikipedia, this name was internationalized by Don C. Hoefler a journalist, in 1971. Silicon, makes reference to the high concentration of semiconductor and computer industries in the area; and Valley is because of the Santa Clara valley, even though it also could do reference to the surrounding area as well as both sides of the bay to which the industries have spread.

It won’t be the only stop we will do in our trip. LA, Ventura, Las Vegas, Nevada , Berkeley… will also be some touched areas by taZEBAez ( over April.

We will use this place to let everyone know about our findings, discoveries, reflections, ideas… and every kind of activities we will be doing.

For now we have just started, let’s gather up the necessary stuff, and get in the plane on April the 1st at 8 in the morning. Let’s be that change the change we want to see in the world. taZEBAez? Why not?


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