let your hand going out with your mind!

Today I am writing from the Idiazabal Cheese Museum where we have been working all summer. (Idiazabalgo Gazta Museoa , para que no suene tan mal)…

Is my first day here, at the beggining I was a bit nervous but now I feel better. I have explained how the cheese is made 4 times but the thing is that I´m not going to explain this. I am going to speak about how to take notes drawing and why is better this way than writting normally.

The 4th of July I started a trip with tazebaez´s member Iskander, our destination…GHANA!!! I thought everything we were going to do was going to be interesting in the future, and that´s why I started drowing and not writting. Why do we write everyday if our mind`s best memory is the photographic one?

Days were going on, and my notebook was getting full of simple and small paints joined with a line. What the fuck is this? Yes, it was my diary. There I can see everething starting; from days we have pass filming, trainings and training with the people in teh town, and finishing with the 1st Sawla Girls Footbal Gala Competition we organized. Ican go through days we ate dog, lizard and bats.

El pase de diapositivas requiere JavaScript.

We want to continue working with CEHDA, the NGO has given us this chance, and that´s the reason we are making a documentary about football with the goal of getting material for youngsters in Sawla, Ghana.

A really nice book that shows how to practice this innovative method is “the back of the napkin”. If you don´t want to read it there is not problem, you can take a pen or pencil and start drawing anywhere.

In general, I have to say that it has been an incredible experience, where we have learned a lot that I don´t want to ever forget. I just have to do one thing, open the notebook and obvserve my own comic.



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