Hello people,

After the trip to Sillicon Valley @taZEBAez share within the team how important was the culture to make people push them into the action and be passionated about their dreams. We shared this in the open ceremony of Mondragon Unibertsitatea and to show everybody who has been asking us about the Silicon Valley experience.

We see clear that we need a society that make us be able to make things happened: we have to take risks, think BIG, do it quickly (run), share ideas, play and try new things, be creative and have fun in the process.

Basque Country has been historically an entrepreneur country, but nowadays, probably we are the generation of the follower´s, the generation that are working in companies that their parents or grandparents created. So now we have to start creating again, in the age of knowledge we have to be innovative apart of competitive. Lot of people is in charge of these changes and hopefully the transformation is in process!

#euskadivalley is going to be our hashtag to talk about basque innovation and entrepreneurship. To talk about the new age, the digital businnes, the economy experience and other things that are now changing the economy and our lifes.

Big Hug and… Innovate or Die!!!!


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