The universe alines…

This is the first step of the possible merge of HUB, Team Academy and Instituto Elos – Warriors without weapons – Oasis game networks.


But let us take you back to where everything started:

Last week we hold a meeting with Henrique Vedana, formed Kaos Pilot, for the first talk about Futurizer Sao Paulo edition (  As we were sharing about contacts, the warriors without weapons
(, in Santos, was mention as a possible plan for the weekend.  Then the power of the network started. We were put in contact with different people and ended up coming to Santos with Shima, who has hosted us in his house as if we were family. The next four days we worked as volunteers in the Sao Bento Community. We put our hands in the dirt along with the warriors and manage to make the communities’ dreams come true in the “miracle” part of the process.

Engaged with the process, and feeling like the miracle had taken place not only in the community but also within ourselves, we decided to come back to Santos over next weekend for Community Celebration.  This is how, we ended up taking place in the debate of how every person can make Oasis to set a difference within communities, governments, international network and companies.

Sitting around the table with a white paper in front of us was all we needed to let our ideas flow. We looked at each other and automatically knew what was next: We were to connect Team Academy, The HUB and Warriors Without Weapons for making the impact of each network stronger as well as the development of the people and the teams along the way.

To make our idea much more tangible, and knowing that we had a 15 minutes deadline we went straight to theoryes: Golden Circle (By Simon Sinek) and The Canvas (The business model generation).

That’s how it happened.

Below, you can have a taste of what this experience was.


Developing a next step…



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